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of breast cancer connect.

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Access the support of more than 1,200 Kiwi who know what it's like to go through breast cancer

Sometimes you need to talk to someone who just “gets it”. From recommendations of what to pack for your upcoming surgery, to the best place to find cooling caps for chemo. Maybe you’re considering going flat and want to hear from others who have, or you want to share the wins and setbacks you experience before, during and after treatment. Our supportive, kind and caring group are with you every step of the way.

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our purpose

To create an inclusive and safe space for those with a lived experience of a breast cancer diagnosis to prevent or ease the suffering caused by diagnosis, treatment and post-treatment changes.

about us

It started on Facebook in 2019.

Our Founder and Chair Belinda-Rose Tran-Lawrence was diagnosed with breast cancer in late 2018, and she has been walking the cancer path – medical appointments, chemotherapy, surgery and all the other things that come with a breast cancer diagnosis. 

During this time she came across the writing of Paul Stoller, an anthropologist who himself experienced cancer. He described his cancer journey as like moving to a village of isolation where the only people there were fellow cancer patients, and how he felt removed from the ‘village of the well and normal’. Belinda-Rose felt this vividly – and she still does a lot of the time. Turning to the internet to lessen her isolation, she was surprised at the lack of NZ-based online Breast Cancer support groups. So she decided to start one!

Fast-forward to 2023 – the cause that started as a Facebook group has now evolved and achieved a huge milestone by becoming a Registered Charitable Trust in November 2022. This important mahi is growing, with the Trustees and volunteers working behind the scenes to develop resources and more ways to connect and support those impacted by breast cancer. 

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