Celebrating the 2023 NIWA Photo Competition People's Choice Award Win

 How powerful is our community!  Recently we asked our Facebook followers and private group members to vote for Tran Lawrence’s photo in the 2023 NIWA Photo Competition People’s Choice Award. He selected our charity to win the $1,000 prize if he won. And he did! 

This success wouldn’t have been possible without the support of everyone in our community, and we really appreciate your votes. We’d also like to thank NIWA New Zealand for making this possible. It is a generous prize that will have so much impact on our early-stage charity. 



Winning photo: “Two sides of expertise”

Tran’s winning photo was taken aboard the RV Kaharoa as part of a six week trip near the remote Auckland Islands. He named the photo “two sides of expertise” reflecting on his observations of the vessel crew and scientific team working together on the research vessel. “There’s so much expertise involved in the work on the ship, all coming from different sides,” Tran explains. This resonates with us too. It takes so many people, with different expertise to support someone when they are diagnosed with breast cancer. 


Thanks to NIWA, our charity foundations are being built

The $1,000 prize that accompanies this award will be put to good use in furthering our charitable initiatives. It will be allocated to establishing our charity’s website, hosting platforms, sorting systems, processes, and marketing materials. This will help us improve our outreach and bring our projects to life.

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